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Need a little more training before you tackle that next big project?  Take a look at our class offerings below.  We have broken them out by shop area to make it easier to find the class you want.

Can't find the class you want at a time that works for you?  Contact us at and we will work to accommodate your needs!

NEW:  Check out our SBU Class Pack.  It gives you 12 months to take as many of the SBU classes as you want!

  • 3D Printers  -  Turn that 3D drawing into a physical masterpiece.
  • Electronics  -  You can learn how to solder, program an Arduino,  or make your own PCB on our mini-mill.
  • Fabric Arts  - We have everything from basic sewing classes to embroidery and t-shirt silk-screening.
  • Fabrication  -  Learn to use our vacu-former and injection molding machine
  • Lasers  -  Learn which type of laser is best for your project whether it is wood, acrylic, paper or even metal.
  • Machine Shop  - Learn to machine parts manually on our lathes and mills or automatically on our CNC Tormach and Waterjet.
  • Mat Cutter  -  Take one of these classes to learn what this flexable machine can do.
  • Metal Shop  -  Learn to cut and fold sheet metal or fabricate heavy steal with our ironworker.
  • Welding Hotshop  -  We have classes for MIG, TIG, Oxy-Acetylene, and stick welding.
  • Wood Shop  -  Everything from cutting wood, turning wood on a lathe to using our CNC shopbot router.
  • STEAM  -  Check out the classes geared toward our younger makers.

  • Advanced Classes  -  Know the basics and want to know more.  Check out these classes
  • New Equipment  -  Want to be one of the first to use our new equipment?

  • Other Classes  -  Some of our classes don't fit anywhere else.  Check them out here

  • All Classes  -  Can't decide?  Go here to look at our complete list.  Be warned, it is a long list.

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